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Welcome to my homepage - while some of the stuff here is a bit useless, some of it is entirely so. You can make up your own mind which is which. The rhino was shot (not literally) at Edinburgh Zoo in the Summer of 1998, and digitally corrupted for concentrated rhino wallpaper power. [Sad footnote - (Kruger) died April, 2004, aged 35]. Nobody has so far offered me a vast sum to take over the site, so these pages are made available at my own expense, as my contribution towards Global Warming. I think you'll like or dislike it, or perhaps not.

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As you will no doubt be aware, publishing email addresses in a harvestable form on web pages is just asking for junk mail flooding, so I have tried to avoid it. For what it's worth, here's the current position. The one in the graphic at the bottoms of the pages works at the time of this update. If for some reason it doesn't (either it bounces, or you expect a reply and don't get one in a reasonable length of time [say, a couple of weeks]), try resending it to the address constructed as follows. Use letter v, letter o, letter i and letter d in that order to make a 4-letter word, then add the at sign, followed by the domain name on your address bar (that is, everything after the www-fullstop and before the next forward slash) which appears at the top of this page. As always, sorry for the hassle, and curses to the spammers.


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